Thursday, 10 January 2013

Angry birds

Sam's mum came back for a third year for his birthday cake and she was glad she did. When I got to the party his first words were "have you done my cake, have you done my cake? What are you holding is that my cake, is it my cake"! 

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Michelle & Beardy's Wedding x

Sadly, I'm a moron and didn't charge my camera up so only got these photo's, but think they give you an idea.  Loved doing this one, they told me the colour scheme and trusted me to do whatever I fancied, which was lovely!  Went with a mix of lemon & vanilla cupcakes (the lemon filled with lemon curd) and then the top cake was a bit of a secret and was made up of 7 different coloured layers, so that when they cut into it - a rainbow!!!!!  Sadly no pic but there's one on here that I did for a neighbour that will give you the idea.  A wonderful day with wonderful friends and some lovely cake too xx

Whoop, gingerbread house

This was a really fun thing to do with the boys, although I was also looking after a friends 9 year old daughter that day, and I think she enjoyed it more! Ta dah, new Christmas tradition??

Rocket Cake

A simple vanilla rocket cake for a space lover :-)

Tatty Teddy

Love doing girly cakes, think this one turned out quite well, he did look like he was carrying a bit of Christmas weight but I think teddies are supposed to aren't they? 

Come on you Spurs!

Check out my cockerel, most proud of that!  Obviously had a few harsh critics in the house so didn't want to let them (or Big J) down!

Thomas the Tank Engine....classic

I LOVED doing this one! It was a real pleasure and I was happy that he turned out looking like the real deal (and not hungover like my Peppa Pig!). 

Peppa Pig

A lovely Peppa Pig scene made for my niece.  Was more tricky than I thought and think Peppa looked like she'd had a night on the tiles, but Daisy was happy enough with it and gobbled up her head first....(maybe that was a sign that she wasn't happy with it??)

70th Jam Lovers Cake

A celebration indeed!  A chocolate cake topped with little pots of jam (of course you can tell that!).

Wedding Cupcakes

A cupcake tower, all vanilla with cream icing, topped with the wedding colours of pink, green & red, lovely x

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea delights that I made for someone to throw a surprise Wedding Shower.  There were 3 types of filled scones, maple & walnut, lemon & sultana & plain, a lemon drizzle cake, a coffee cake, a chocolate orange fudge cake & a classic Victoria sponge, mmmm, making me hungry.....

First Macaron

Made just for us, they looked & tasted gorgeous, almost too good to eat!

Teachers Pet :-)

Yes, at the end of summer term I became one of those mothers, the sort even I hate, and made these for the boys teachers, urgh :-/

Charity Cake Sale

I made these to sell at a charity football day but sadly it rained so much I didn't take any photo's outside of the house!  Luckily (because I think most people liked the thought of getting home, drying off and getting warm with a brew!) they all sold!

A Giant Jaffa Cake!

A special request from one of my favourite cake people, I'm calling this a Giant Raffa Cake! It's a 4 layered chocolate cake filled with chocolate orange buttercream & ganache, then topped with a giant orange jelly disc, covered with more chocolate and then finished with mini Jaffa Cakes, yum!

A Gorgeous Simple Pink One

A lovely small vanilla cutting cake & matching cupcakes for a gorgeous girls 2nd Birthday x

Rainbow Cake!

The neighbours' daughter asked me to make a vanilla cake as a surprise for her mum's birthday.  So I went a little crazy with it and did this!  Luckily it turned out great and I did the same for a wedding cake a month later, think they liked the surprise too!

Somebody has baked for me?!?!?!?!

Ralph was never gonna give baking a whirl so luckily I've got 2 others willing to give it a try for my birthday, a superb first effort from the pair, followed a recipe and only got Ralph involved with oven duties.  It even tasted good!

Green & Yellow Baby Shower

Vanilla Baby Shower cupcakes in lemon & mint colours

Jammy Little Buggar :)

Just trying out some baked jam doughnuts on the boyzees, approved :-)

One for us to actually eat!

Thought we'd better make the old boy a cake for his birthday, the old classic, chocolate fudge cake

Rapunzel Cake

A Rapunzel cake made for a 6 year old princess :-)  With a tower made from Rice Crispy treats (didn't want it so heavy that it sank!)  I was going to attempt to plait her hair but plaiting icing is not the easiest task.....

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

My Favourite (Wonky Donky) cake so far!

I LOVE this one and am not ashamed to admit it!  I'd admired these from a distance before and was then asked to make one myself.  It was such fun, once I'd worked out how to make it look intentionally wonky and not just like I'd had a disaster.  Really enjoyed doing all the finishing touches and loved it even more once I'd successfully delivered it to the venue!!

Luton Football Shirt

Keeping it local with this one.  A vanilla & jam Luton shirt. Photo courtesy of Ralph taken with the addition of his Grandad's original hat from the last time Luton got to Wembley, or something like that.  I just do cake, not sporting trivia.

Big Day Cupcakes

Made for the bridesmaids to eat (or not perhaps!) on the morning of the wedding.  Spelling out "Anna's Big Day" in case the pic isn't clear, made in the wedding colours.

A Trio of Cakes

A chocolate fudge, a coconut & raspberry & a lemon cream Victoria sponge, all made to celebrate a birthday, something for everyone to enjoy :)

50th Wedding Anniversary

A massive 50!  One 3-layer lemon madeira with homemade lemon curd & lemon buttercream & one fruit cake.  The decoration was to be kept simple, just with a hint of gold.  Complemented by 50 cupcakes, chocolate, lemon meringue & coconut & raspberry.  

Little Hint of Mickey

A friend was after a Mickey Mouse Head but rang me too late so I quickly made these in homage to Mickey.  Just chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttons as ears - in red & white spotty cases x

Baby Face Cupcakes

Some cute little cupcakes made for a baby shower.  They only asked for pink & blue and I went a bit mad with all the toppers!

Battenburg Cake

Just a little coffee battenburg I've been wanting to try since last years Great British Bake Off, it was delicious and not even that tricky!  It didn't last long, cheers Mary Berry! (for the recipe, not for eating it!)

Ice Cream Cone

The 5 year old son is a little more random than his brother.  He requested this, don't know why, but he LOVED it!  Vanilla cake with different colour icings on the scoops complete with flake & sprinkles. 

Wedding Cupcake Tower

A gorgeous cupcake tower complete with simple iced fruit top cake.  The colours & design were chosen by the couple and then I baked, baked, baked.  It looked very pretty once it was set up in the venue and apparently they all got eaten which is always a relief to hear!

Lego Head

Made for my own son, well, thought i'd better!  He found the specific head he required me to recreate and here it is.  A chocolate cake with choc buttercream.

A Cat on a Cake

A simple lemon madeira sponge made for a 65th birthday celebration.  Complete with a fondant replica of the owners cat Sid!

Football Pitch

A football pitch for a football themed party.  Complete with edible (coconut!) grass :)